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The Team




Founder & CEO

Ahmad T. McKinnie is a versatile visual storyteller based in central Indiana. With a passion for capturing moments through film and photography, Ahmad specializes in creating stunning visuals for Weddings, Real estate, Short documentaries, Commercials, Live-Streams, Content Creation and more. In addition, he offers design services to help businesses establish a strong visual identity, marketing strategies to reach their target audience, and SEO solutions to improve their online visibility.

Having graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Media and a concentration in media advertising, Ahmad has honed his craft to deliver exceptional work that tells unique and captivating stories. Whether it's a couple's special day, a property listing, or a brand's message, Ahmad approaches every project with creativity and attention to detail.


When he's not behind the lens, Ahmad can be found spending time with his Great Pyrenees, exploring new seafood restaurants, and traveling to new destinations. With a dedication to capturing memories that last a lifetime and helping businesses succeed, Ahmad strives to deliver the best possible experience for his clients.


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Lead Videographer

Meet Juan A. Ramirez, The visionary behind turning life’s most cherished moments into a cinematic masterpiece.
As a wedding videographer, Juan brings an artful touch to the tapestry of love stories. With a keen eye to detail and an unwavering passion for storytelling, my videos don’t just capture weddings.
They craft visual symphonies that echo the unique melody of each couple's Journey.
Having over 5 years of experience of recording behind a camera, This journey started shortly after graduating
high school. Starting out with commercials, music videos for all different artists and family events.
It wasn’t until shooting weddings that i had found a different appreciation for film making and enjoyment
of capturing true emotion from a video camera.
When I am not out recording, you can find me at the skatepark enjoying riding around, or out on the road traveling to new places
meeting and connecting with new people. With a passion for creating new memories and capturing them to reminisce through all of
life’s journey, Juan goes above and beyond to deliver those memories through film making.


amirah King

production manager

Amirah King is a multidisciplinary artist and creative producer based in Central Indiana. Specializing in elements of graphic design, photography, and videography, Amirah incorporates each to help communicate strong brand messages. Bringing intuitive insights and unique perspectives, Amirah enjoys helping artists, musicians, athletes and small businesses develop their brands both online and offline.


My journey began with a passion for telling stories through various mediums; from writing scripts to photographing special life milestones, to crafting visuals that document individual/collective evolution. My experiences at Ball State University has provided me with a solid foundation in Photojournalism , Sociology & Sports Media. Currently pursuing an MBA at Woolf University, I merge multimedia creativity with strategic business understanding to bring meaningful impact to every project.


I find joy in curating community experiences centered around art, music, film, and holistic wellness. Whether attending local events, researching historic locations, listening to sounds from the next superstar, or exploring global cultures through travel and cuisine, I am constantly inspired to infuse each endeavor with authenticity, to create & connect. 


bryceton welch

videographer / photographer

Meet Bryceton, a key member of Vision Studio and a dedicated, ambitious digital creator with a keen eye for detail. His expertise spans website design, graphic design, videography, and photography. Passionate about his craft, Bryceton brings enthusiasm and commitment to every project. Known for his friendly and supportive nature, he strives to create a positive and collaborative experience for all clients.

bino head shot.png

Jason Lassic


Jason Lassic, a 22-year-old from Fishers, Indiana, is a dedicated photographer and videographer at Vision Studio. With a keen eye for detail and a drive to perfect his craft, Jason brings a fresh perspective to visual storytelling. Although he is a beginner, his passion for capturing moments and creating compelling content is evident in his work. Beyond the lens, Jason is deeply passionate about powerlifting and the fitness lifestyle. He aims to blend his love for fitness and laughter with his creative endeavors, showcasing the dynamic intersection of health, happiness, and art. Through his journey at Vision Studio, Jason strives to inspire and entertain, using his skills to highlight the vibrant stories that unfold both in front of and behind the camera 

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